Installation Vessels

McDermott, one of FloaTEC’s parent companies, has installation expertise and a fleet of installation vessels. When we are planning the execution of an EPCI project, we communicate early on with McDermott to plan for the installation phase of the project.

As the need for floating production facilities continue to increase, securing installation expertise becomes more challenging. FloaTEC completed a major EPCI project that experienced postponement by the client. Because McDermott made a commitment to the project that the Derrick Barge 50 (DB50) would be available, they honored their commitment by making the necessary schedule adjustments and the vessel was available to install the piles, tendons and the floating production system. COMMITMENT!!!

Certainty of Delivery

Installation vessels are in high demand and McDermott has the expertise and the installation vessels. FloaTEC has priority access to those vessels which mitigates project delays and adds value for our clients. PRICELESS!!!

  • Installation Vessels

    Installation Vessels Angel 45

  • Installation Vessels Emerald Sea

    Installation Vessels Emerald Sea