Technology development is part of core competence of Keppel FloaTEC, and we have been continuously investing in R&D to improve our products and solutions, and create game changer solutions to enrich our portfolio in Floating Production Systems (FPS). The key proprietary FPS designs includes Extended Tension Leg Platform (ETLP®) and Offset-Pontoon Semi (OPS).

The ETLP, with its significant cost efficiency, flexibility of topsides payload, and easy constructability and installation, has been selected by clients for various deepwater projects worldwide: Kizomba A, Kizomba B, Magnolia, Papa Terra P61, Big Foot and Ca Rong Do. The key advantage of ETLP includes:

  • Significant steel weight saving in deck and hull
  • Potential tendon number / size reduction
  • More friendly for deck / hull integration at quayside
  • Wide range of topsides payload application
  • More flexibility for topsides payload growth

The Offset Pontoon Semi (OPS) is a patented solution for both wet-tree and dry-tree field development. The key feature of OPS is that pontoons offset outside the columns, which offers the following advantage:

  • Low heave response in the wave energy range
  • Longer heave natural periods
  • Improved SCR friendly motions