Keppel FloaTEC is a leading provider of floating production systems solutions to the deep water oil and gas industry. As more than just designs our solutions reach beyond engineering to provide customers significant advantages in cost, execution plan, constructability and delivery by leveraging our extensive EPCI and operations experience.

Keppel FloaTEC leadership strongly supports the creativity necessary to provide the most competitive solutions. We continually challenge ourselves to come up with innovative solutions that are best for each unique project.

Our ability to provide innovative solutions has resulted in successful projects for our customers such as:

  • The first TLP in Brazil – Papa Terra P61 TLWP
  • The world’s deepest TLP – Big Foot

Our Extended Tension Leg (ETLP) design technology was also used to deliver successful legacy projects such as:

  • The first TLP in West Africa- Kizomba A
  • The second TLP in West Africa – Kizomba B
  • Magnolia TLP, US Gulf of Mexico

Our innovative solutions continue to provide value for our customers with our current projects such as:

  • World’s first 3 Column TLP – Ca Rong Do (CRD) TLWP, Vietnam, a competitive solution for light payloads and marginal fields
  • An innovative Semisubmersible design with improved motions compared to conventional designs